Plainsman's Handbook | Summer/Fall

44 PLAINSMAN’S HANDBOOK - July 2020 Call For A Free Quote Complete Building Packages • Metal • Trim • Lumber • Buildings 13737 Hwy 52 • Versailles, MO 65084 573-569-4800 Materials Delivered To Your Doorstep 509-235-2780 No Compressors, No Hoses, No Hassle REDIboss78 Post Driver has a 3⅛'' barrel for driving all your larger post... and includes reducer sleeve for driving all smaller post too! Weighs only 35 pounds, offers up to 1,820 BPM. REDIclassic52 Post Driver has a 2” barrel for driving t-posts and other smaller posts. Optional rod sleece for driving rods/rebar under 1”. Weighs only 32 pounds, offers up to 1,720 BPM • Stop Tire & Track Damage • Wide enough for all tracks & duals. • Hydraulic system for full range of adjustments without the hassle of replacing springs, load devices or poly. 10011876 New 5” roller attachment reduces trash build up. Available with or without poly. Can be used to replace the existing 3 1/2” solid smasher bars on your current Stalk Smasher. CORNHEAD STALK SMASHER Ask about our new Planter Tire model Ringsted Welding & Fabrication 712-866-1693