Plains Edition | August 2019

15 Heartland Cattleman Farm and Ranch Network Service Co. • Plains Edition • August 2019 Extension offers tips on handling cattle in hot weather Lincoln, Neb. — As a summer heat wave descends on the Midwest, Nebraska Extension is urging producers to help reduce stress on cattle during hot weather. “This July weather pattern offers challenges this week for feedlot operators and cattle producers,” said Kelly Bruns, director of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s West Central Research and Extension Center in North Platte. “Above average temperatures can create heat indexes that will reach critical stress emergency.” The Nebraska State Climate Office’s Nebraska Mesonet calculates a cattle comfort index score. It’s estimated that cattle comfort indexes will reach close to 120 in parts of the state the week of July 14. “Precautions should be taken to provide additional care to not only cattle on feed but to all animals across the state,” said Stonie Cooper, manager of the Nebraska Mesonet. With the uncertainty of wind, it’s important for producers to take precautions. Extension recommends using empty pen space to allow cattle greater room and access to water. Supplemental water tanks may be needed to ensure ample water intake to those animals exhibiting signs of stress. Producers should also consider placing cattle in pens where cattle can be away from windbreaks to catch what little wind may occur. It’s important to watch heat index forecasts closely. Research has shown that manipulating the amount of feed delivered the day before the highest heat index will help cattle keep their internal temperatures lower. This is because the contributions of the heat of fermentation, digestion and metabolism of the feed consumed in the morning become critical on the day that cattle hit the heat stress limit. If the feed is taken away before cattle back away from feed the survival of cattle is greatly improved. Extension’s Beef Quality Assurance Program has compiled a number of heat stress resources athttps://bqa. resources. Contact: Kelly Bruns West Central Research and Extension Center 308-696-6702 A Cowman’s Best Friend at Calving Time! Fits ATV’s and UTV’s Easy and Safe Catching! Designed for Processing Safely... - Enables quick and safe calf catching! - Convenient, step in access of producer! - Holder secures calf for easy processing! - User-friendly inside release of calf to cow. - Move calves easier with cow following! - Less cow stress, mother can see and smell calf! - Reduces danger while working new calves! - Quick Mount/Dismount on both ATV & UTVs! Alvin Haan, SD - “This calf catcher has been a god-send. I can send my kids out to tag calves and not have to worry. I am really impressed! Wished I would have gotten one years ago, as it is a very good investment. I give it an A++ score!” Brett Swope, TX - “I am very happy with my Calf Catcher, as it is a very good product. I have processed a number of calves that I would have never been able to get to because of their protective mothers.” ONE PERSON can safely and easily process calves without concern of the protective mother cow! Watch Action Video at For local dealers or to order, call 877-505-0914 today! DEALER INQUIRY INVITED 10009105 L T Ranch Supply, LLC • Loads from dock or ground • Converts in less than 60 seconds • Adds only 3 feet of length • Choose aluminum or steel construction • Equipped with new stop-turn lights (580) 922-4973 or (580) 922-5527 65683 N. 2280 Rd. • Seiling, OK 73663 Watch video demo at: L T Dock and Groundload Conversion U.S. Pat. No. 7,152,726 10009122 Fill the Hopper, Set the Timer, Start Feeding! Hanen Automatic Solar Powered or 120 Volt Cattle & Livestock Feeders provide programmable timed nutrition amounts of various feed types. Automatic feeding is convenient & saves time. Automatic audio signal. Service Line, Inc. | 2320 Zinga Drive Reedsburg, WI 53959 Phone: 608-524-0204 | Toll Free: 800-774-7900 | FAX: 608-524-1446 *Patent # US 10,104,868. Made in USA AUTOMATIC CATTLE AND LIVESTOCK FEEDERS 800-774-7900 Hanen Model LSF-2 Automatic Livestock Feeder (Solar Optional) Hanen Model LSF-4 Automatic Livestock Feeder (Solar Optional) Model LSF-12 Automatic Cattle Feeder: Engineered to Expand as Your Herd Grows (Shown with additional hopper option) HANEN Automatic Cattle & Livestock Feeders Inquire About Patent License Opportunity 10009193