Plains Edition | August 2019

18 IN THE WAR AGAINST I D E F ENS E D E F E Respiratory challenges affect more than 1 in 5 calves. But with a blend of probiotics, prebiotics and plant extracts, Purina ® starter feeds, now with RX3 ™ Immune Support Technology, prime the calf’s immune system, getting out ahead of the problem. We’re armed with insights to help your calves win the battle against respiratory challenges. For more information, visit ©2019 Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. All rights reserved. 10009169 Kohmetscher Feed Service Red Cloud, NE • 402-746-2620 Lawrence, NE • 402-756-7783 North Platte Feed Center North Platte, NE • 308-532-5010 Elsie, NE • 308-228-4321 Livestock Feeders Service Holdrege, NE • 308-995-6624 Lexington, NE • 308-324-3311 Osmond Farm Supply Center Osmond, NE • 402-748-3633 Farmers Cooperative Serving S.E. NE & N.E. KS Ansley, NE • 308-935-1102 Arcadia, NE • 308-789-6200 Ashton, NE • 308-738-2292 Loup City, NE • 308-745-0391 Sargent, NE • 308-527-3791 Serving Central NE 800-410-4117 Lindsay, NE 402-428-2305 Rawhide Portable Corral 900 North Washington St., Abilene, KS 67410 785.263.3436 Rawhide Processor Standard Size • Pull on highway at speed limit. • Fits through any gate your pickup will. • Stable on uneven terrain. • Wheels on each panel and electric over hydraulic jack eliminates lifting-saves time. • Frame gates for sorting. • Transport wheels are permanent, no sliding off the axles and rolling out of the way. • Permanent sheeted adjustable alley. 3 Sizes Available Starting at $11,000 The First Hydraulic Corral and still the Largest! Rawhide Original Standard Size 10008876 The Common Sense WIRE WINDER Heavy-Duty Winder! ★ Has a level wind to make your rolls look like a new roll of wire. ★ Mounts on loader bucket or 3-point hitch. ★ Spool is made so you can reuse your wire. ★ High tensile spool available. COMMON SENSE MANUFACTURING “Quality that just makes sense.” Kelly Melius, 35791 160th Street, Faulkton, SD 57438 605-598-4157 or 605-216-0687 (Cell) 10008762 Farm and Ranch Network Service Co. • Plains Edition • August 2019