Ada Lynne Maul, Education
Brad Kernick, Business/Industry
Detention Center Bible Study, Religion
Jan Jones, Arts & Entertainment
Charles "Chick" Messbarger, Sports
Blaine Drozd, Service Organizations
Rodney Gangwish, Agriculture
Iola Fougeron, Medical/Health
Kaelin Hynes, Youth
Norma Guge, Humanitarian

Miss Voz Latina, Education
Robin Marshall, Business/Industry
Bob and Doris Schroeder, Religion
Bob and Artie Hobbs, Arts & Entertainment
Kearney MatCats and Brian Hagan, Sports
Marv and Marilyn Heckman, Service Organizations
Randy Schroer, Agriculture
Theresa Baack, Medical/Health
Kearney Youths Tackle Cancer, Youth
Lee Vohland , Humanitarian

Kearney Literacy Council, Education
Carolyn Menke, Business/Industry
Wayne Carlson, Religion
Bob and Artie Hobbs, Arts & Entertainment
Kearney Chamber Sports Rec Committee, Sports
Marv and Marilyn Heckman, Service Organizations
Keith Stafford, Agriculture
Dr. Stuart Embury, Medical/Health
Adam Dolezal, Youth
Mary Ruth Steffens, Humanitarian

Bobbie McKenzie, Education
Wayne McKinney, Business/Industry
Dan and Sandy Fong, Religion
Kearney Community Theater, Arts & Entertainment
Greg Brandt, Sports
Corinne Howe, Service Organizations
Chuck and Nancy Larsen, Agriculture
Good Samaritan Health Systems Animal Assisted Programs, Medical/Health
Nate Tye, Youth
Mardi Anderson, Humanitarian

Sherry Morrow, Education
Cattlemen's Classic volunteers, Business/Industry
Winona Whitney, Religion
Pat Jones, Arts & Entertainment
Terry Broadfoot, Sports
Rob Taillon, Service Organizations
Larry Wilcox, Agriculture
Kearney Woman's Club and Ronald McDonald dental van, Medical/Health
Holley Fletcher, Youth
Dick and Rose Ann Messersmith, Humanitarian

Dick and Marilyn Jussel, Education
John Deterding, Business/Industry
Todd and Lois Thalken, Religion
Gary Zaruba, Arts & Entertainment
Central Nebraska Car Club, Sports
Chuck Prochaska, Service Organizations
Farmers Market, Agriculture
Dale Zikmund, Medical/Health
Campus Kitchen, Youth
Goodfellows, Humanitarian

Ed Chinick, Education
Scott Morris, Business/Industry
Gene and Marijean Methe, Religion
Glen Haselbarth, Arts & Entertainment
Dick Beechner, Sports
Bill Ballou, Service Organizations
Steve and Daniel Wolfe, Agriculture
Gene Gosch, Medical/Health
Kevin Ripp, Youth
Jim Fudge, Humanitarian

Archway Volunteers, Education
Thomas Tye II, Business/Industry
Lon and Janet Pearson, Religion
Kay Homer, Arts & Entertainment
Greg Koster, Sports
Joe Carlson, Service Organizations
Charles and Kay Kreutzer, Agriculture
Gene Gosch, Medical/Health
Waco Phipps, Youth
Steve O'Brien, Humanitarian

Marcia Trimble, Education
James Runions, Business/Industry
Margaret Clark, Religion
Jordan Pallas, Arts & Entertainment
Janet Ourada, Sports
Kearney Concerned Citizens (Members, Karen Schutte, Gailen and Beckey Kotrous), Service Organizations
Ryan Camp, Agriculture
Jerry Idt, Medical/Health
Justin Cyboron, Youth
Dona Smith, Humanitarian

Marian Johnson, Education
Midway Chevolet, Business/Industry
Jeanne Chamberlin, Religion
Larry Peterson, Arts & Entertainment
Deb Schauer, Sports
Evelyn Brown, Service Organizations
Patty Camp, Agriculture
Joel Johnson, Medical/Health
Bradon Fletcher, Youth
Merv Schliefert, Humanitarian

Elane Wilcox, Education
Pete Kotsiopulos, Business/Industry
Clarence and Lois Rahmann, Religion
Dayle Fitzke, Arts & Entertainment
Don Briggs, Sports
Dale and Dorothy McCammon, Service Organizations
Bob and Joan Meier, Agriculture
Cynthia Rafferty, Medical/Health
John Erickson, Youth
Mary Kolstad, Humanitarian

Larry Neidhardt, Education
Tom Henning, Business/Industry
Nancy Westerfield, Religion
Fran Lane, Arts & Entertainment
Riley Harris, Sports
VFW Firing Squad, Service Organizations
Paul Kenney, Agriculture
L.R. Smith, Medical/Health
Chris Holz, Youth
Ruth Swalley, Humanitarian

Ron Brewer, Education
Robert Raun, Business/Industry
Robert Park, M.D., Religion
Art Pierce, Arts & Entertainment
Buffalo County Medical Society, Sports
Alma Community Action for Teens, Service Organizations
Wrex Phipps, Agriculture
Elinor Hardin, Medical/Health
Tiffany Feldman, Youth
Andy & Nevabelle Howe, Humanitarian

Earl Rademacher, Education
Madeline Hoge, Business/Industry
Polly Hanlin, Religion
Mary Henning, Arts & Entertainment
Ray Ehlers & Dennis Long, Sports
Ward Schrack, Service Organizations
David Nelson, Agriculture
Emily Nelson, Medical/Health
Brett Stone, Youth
Kearney Volunteer Fire Dept., Humanitarian

Maria Ragan, Education
Kent & Jo Smallcomb, Business/Industry
Dick & Sally Phillips, Religion
J. Rodney Wendell, Arts & Entertainment
Roger Mathiesen, Sports
Richard Lush, Service Organizations
Gilbert Stafford, Agriculture
Dr. Dan Nye, Medical/Health
Nathan Murdoch, Youth
Carl Spelts, Humanitarian

George & Marian Brown, Education
Don Phillips, Business/Industry
Brian Hill, Religion
Richard Headley, Arts & Entertainment
John Kriger, Sports
Jerry Marlatt, Service Organizations
Lance Hehner, Agriculture
Joe Donnelly, Medical/Health
Savannah & Samantha Murphy, Youth
Marlys Bauer, Humanitarian

Gary & Fiona Roubicek, Education
Ben Homan, Business/Industry
Marge Potter, Religion
Maribeth & the late Bill Lynn and Bill & Audrey Nelson, Arts & Entertainment
Jeff Krull, Sports
Janet Yost, Service Organizations
Dale Wright, Agriculture
John McCammond, M.D., Medical/Health
David Johnson, Humanitarian

Harold "Mac" McClure, Education
Glenda Jacobsen, Business/Industry
Bud & Marianne Paben, Religion
Jacob Wayne Sikes, Arts & Entertainment
Wayne Brummer, Sports
Jim McKenzie, Service Organizations
R.T. "Dick" Rogers, Agirculture
Sumner Rescue Squad, Medical/Health
Serapia "Sarah" Ramirez, Humanitarian

Alphadean & Lee Norris, Education
Emma Jane Wilder, Business/Industry
Dr. Paul Welter, Religion
Fran Wilson, Arts & Entertainment
John Kriger, Sports
Lois Adams, Service Organizations
Randy Cruise, Agriculture
Cindy Foote, Medical/Health
Dee Brestin, Humanitarian

Gloria Ebb, Education
Janet Place, Business/Industry
Nancy Olson, Religion
Roxanne Bascom, Arts & Entertainment
Ray Van Norman, Sports
Sherry Morrow, Service Organizations
Wayne Webb, Agriculture
Shirley Chavanu, Medical/Health
Charles & Beverly Pickens, Humanitarian

Wayne Newquist, Education
Joel Bieschke, Business/Industry
Franklin & Linda Saltzgaber, Religion
Jack Shofstall, Arts & Entertainment
Rodney Melroy, Sports
Tim Kolb, Service Organizations
Pat Ingram, Agriculture
Dr. Robert Rosenlof, Medical/Health
Chuck Dummer, Humanitarian

DeWaine Erickson, Business/Industry
Dorothy Carmann, Religion
Stan Dart, Arts & Entertainment
Gary Blankenship, Sports
Shari Miller, Service Organizations
Lawrence Rohrich, Agriculture
Margaret Hohnholt, Humanitarian