Bravo | June 14, 2018

a mosh pit at the foot of the stage. Sometimes fans get hurt. At another band’s concert, a soldier who served overseas returned to the states in perfect health only to suffer a broken leg during the Wall of Death. “It can be dangerous, but you can get hurt in any standard mosh pit-type of activity,” Smith said. “There’s the proper way to do it when you’re having fun and pushing your buddies around, and then there’s the other side where you get the drunken morons who get a little too aggressive. I don’t know. I guess there’s a safe way to do it.” Hemlock has played shows with groups like Lamb of God, Hate- breed, Soulfly, Otep, Slipknot, Snot, Coal Chamber, Korn, Obit- uary and Drowning Pool — some of the top heavy metal groups. “We’ve learned as we went along,” Smith noted. “When we started we didn’t have a guide. We didn’t even have the internet. It was through trial and error that we learned. To know everything we know now, when we started, would have been very helpful.” Over the years, Hemlock creat- ed a fan base of like-minded metal heads. “And we’ve made really good friends over the years, too,” Smith added. By RICK BROWN Hub Staff Writer KEARNEY — Brian Smith, the drummer for Hemlock, can think of only one word to describe his band’s 25 years of performing heavy metal music. “Insane,” he said while driving on the tour bus from Idaho to Salt Lake City. “It’s crazy. I just saw some pictures on Facebook from 20 years ago and it just seems like last year. Time really flies.” Smith founded Hemlock, the Las Vegas-based band, with his brother, Chad Smith, in 1993. “We did a 20-year anniversary tour five years ago and that just seems like yesterday,” Smith said. “It doesn’t seem that long when we look back at everything we’ve done and all the places we toured.” Ten albums, thousands of performances — Smith wonders where the time went. “Chad and I started the band as kids,” the drummer said. “It’s insane to think that, you know, it’s been a quarter of a century. We don’t really feel that old, but I guess we are.” Hemlock will make a stop in Kearney to play an 8 p.m. show, 21 and older, on June 21 at Gillies Bar. Cover charge is $5. Over the decades, the metal band became well known for its signature concert event, The Wall of Death. After dividing the audi- ence into two “walls,” the music starts and the vocalist counts down from 10 to 1. At that point, the two walls rush at each other jump- ing in the air, swinging fists and throwing elbows at each other. “We don’t do it quite as often as we used to,” Smith said. “It depends on the time and the place. You never know. We’re kind of crazy. I’ve heard the venue is small, but you never know. We’ll figure something out.” We are pleased to welcome Dr. Kassandra Connell to our family! Dr. Connell will join us in July. Schedule your appointment today! Let us introduce you! NEW ADDRESS: 620 East 25th St. • Kearney • 308-865-2767 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:00-5:00 Sat. 8:30-Noon • Emerson Place is a community for individuals 62 years of age or older, handicap/disabled regardless of age. Knudson Management Co., Inc. 600 East 23rd Street Kearney NE 68847 308-237-3221 • TDD 711 Everything you need under one roof: • One-bedroom units • Handicapped accessible units • All utilities paid • Affordable rent • HUD assistance available • Social activities • Maintenance free PETS WELCOME EMERSON PLACE APARTMENTS 2 DIVERSIONS KEARNEY HUB — THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018 WHEN AND WHERE What: Hemlock performs as part of the band’s 25th anniversary tour When: 8 p.m. June 21 Where: Gillies Bar at 1822 Central Ave Admission: $5 cover charge The band’s discogra- phy: ■ Controlance — 1996 ■ Return Of The Clunkinator- Vol.1 ep — 1998 ■ Shut Down — 1999 ■ Pigeonholed — 2001 ■ Bleed the Dream — 2004 ■ No time for Sorrow — 2008 ■ Viva Lock Vegas — 2014 ■ Back In The Day — 2013 ■ The Only Enemy — 2012 ■ Mouth of the Swine — 2015 Metalhead says ‘time flies’ Hemlock, courtesy THE METAL BAND Hemlock will perform in Kearney as part of the band’s 25th anniversary tour. The Las Vegas-based band employed the Wall of Death for its fans. Brain Smith, the group’s drummer, says of the crowd participation activity, “It can be dangerous but you can get hurt in any standard mosh pit-type of activ- ity.” Hemlock plays at 8 p.m. June 21 at Gillies Bar. Smith and his brother saw punk band The Vandals organize a Wall of Death in the early 1990s. “It’s a cool thing,” Smith said. “I have to give my brother, Chad, props on this one. He was the first guy to bring it to the metal community. After that, it snow- balled left and right. Now it’s just a normal staple for a lot of metal shows.” After the audience members rush at each other, they often form Hemlock, which has released 10 albums, will add Gillies to the list of thousands of places they’ve performed