Bravo | June 14, 2018

16 East 23rd St Downtown Kearney 308.455-4034 • Kearney Glass E XPIRES 6-30-2018 Any Windshield Purchase $25 OFF Got A Crack? Over 150 years combined experience! 4205 6th Avenue, Kearney, NE 68845 308-234-5600 • PROTECTOR. PROVIDER. TEACHER. FATHER. Happy Father’s Day! 26 TELEVISION KEARNEY HUB — THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018 Solution, page 13 ‘Claws’ returns raucously for second season By NINA METZ Chicago Tribune TNT’s “Claws” might be one of television’s most enjoyably, absurdly excessive shows. A Florida crime noir anchored by a sisterhood of nail artisans and starring the always-watchable Niecy Nash, it is the can’t-miss series of the summer. Did the show pass you by last year? It was a major hit for the network as its highest-rated series in the coveted 18-49 demo, with a total of 5.4 million viewers watching on one platform or another. There’s a lot of TV clamoring for your attention these days; this one’s worth it. And Season 2 includes the addition of a longtime Chicago theater actress. Nash — who is bedazzling in a form-fitting wardrobe topped by a glorious head of hair, a perfect manicure and a perpetually wary gaze — plays Desna, the owner of a nail salon in Sarasota-adjacent Manatee County. In Season 1, her ambitions to open a larger salon are thwarted by financial setbacks, and soon enough she’s helping her no-good boyfriend Roller (soon- to-be ex-boyfriend) launder money for the Dixie Mafia’s pill mill clin- ic. By season’s end, an imposing group of Russians has taken over, exerting its own chaos-making and numbskullery. Tonally the show is everything at once — emotionally honest but ridiculous, lurid and pulpy and yet also deeply insightful — and its darkly comedic approach works in terrific contrast to all that Gulf Coast sunshine and an outrageous wardrobe from costume designer Dana Covarrubias. Bottom line, women and their stories — especially women of color — are always front and center on “Claws.” In Season 1, Desna tells her brother Dean: “My life is out of control right now.” “Then stop making stupid life choices!” he yells back. In Season 2, we see Desna and Dean revisiting their conversation: “I got this under control,” she assures him this time. “Look at me: I got this.” Famous last words, Desna! And so we enter Season 2 with the Russians now fully in control of the Dixie Mafia’s business interests — which means Desna is pulled into this mess, as well. The show makes a huge leap forward in tone and theme with the introduction of Zlata, played to the gilded hilt by the very funny German actress Franka Potente. As a crime boss, she is all about creating a you-go-girl support system (she’s the author of her own version of “Lean In” called “The Kremlin Konnection”) and yet she’s deadly serious about her (mostly deranged) ideas of how things should run. Among her new plans: Revamp She-She’s into a “Magic Mike”-in- spired club called Hammer and Pickle. Come on, that’s funny! This woman is a hoot!