Bravo | September 27, 2018

2715 Ave. I, Kearney • 308-234-3000 V/TDD Apply Online $ 435,571 Congratulations to our August Keno Winners of Kearney Keno Available at: Big Apple • The Chicken Coop Dome Lounge • Jersey’s Sports Bar & Grill Fanatics Sports Bar Caring for generations 125 East 23rd • Kearney, NE • 234-2447 • Medicare &Medicaid Approved The greatest gift of life is friendship. Answers to last week’s Boggle BrainBuster: CELEBRITY CIPHER by Luis Campos When you need four, hunt for them By PHILLIP ALDER Andrews McMeel Syndication For UFS When you and your partner are defending against four of a major, you need to win four tricks to defeat the contract. When the dummy comes down, you should both wonder from where you might get those four winners. In this deal from the World Youth Bridge Team Champion- ships last month, West guessed to lead the heart queen against four spades. What happened? The defenders have one trump trick, so they must take three minor-suit winners: three dia- monds, or one club and two diamonds. If West had led one of his aces at trick one, that probably would have facilitated matters, but he didn’t. Declarer won with dummy’s heart king and cashed the ace, on which he discarded his singleton club. Now, instead of immediately hoping for luck in the trump suit, he led a diamond from the board. At this point, East had enough information to know to win with his queen or king and shift to his trump. However, he unwisely played low. Now West should have found the winning defense, but it was much harder. He took South’s nine with his jack and cashed the diamond ace, letting the contract make. Either declarer could have ruffed his last diamond or, if West switched to a trump, South would have had eight spade winners. West should have realized that if South had had the diamond king, he would have played it, hoping to win the trick. So, West, after winning with his diamond jack, should have led a low diamond to put his partner in for the effective trump switch. When you are defending against four of a major, you need to win four tricks to defeat the contract. YES, YOU CAN Buy Kearney Hub photo reprints through the galleries link at