Bravo | July 3, 2019

Kearney Keno Available at: Big Apple • The Chicken Coop • Dome Lounge Jersey’s Sports Bar & Grill • Fanatics Sports Bar YOU CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T PLAY Caring for generations 125 East 23rd • Kearney, NE • 234-2447 • Medicare &Medicaid Approved Forget the Day’s Troubles, Remember the Day’s Blessings Answers to last week’s Boggle BrainBuster: CELEBRITY CIPHER by Luis Campos By PHILLIP ALDER Andrews McMeel Syndication for UFS George Steinbrenner said: “Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next.” East needs to keep breathing while he counts winners to be a winner on this deal. What should he do against three no-trump after his partner leads the heart three? South’s negative double showed exactly four spades. Then North, who wanted to get into three no-trump if his partner had a heart stopper, cue-bid two hearts. This both forced to game and asked South to bid no-trump with something useful in hearts. Note that if North had a heart stopper, he would have bid no-trump himself. He who knows goes. South did have a stopper, so North-South ended in three no-trump. Next, note West’s lead. When you lead the suit your partner bid and you did not support, you lead high from shortness (singleton or doubleton) and low from length even without an honor in the suit. It is more important to give length information than strength information. From the bidding, East knows that South holds the heart king. So, if East continues hearts, South will have at least nine winners via one heart, six dia- monds and two clubs. The only chance is to take four spade tricks now. East wins with his heart ace and shifts to the spade two, low from length guaranteeing at least one honor in the suit. West takes the trick as cheaply as possible and returns the spade four. East wins with his second ace and pushes his last spade through declarer to achieve the desired result. Count winners also LOS ANGELES (AP) — Kaley Cuoco is making a big move after wrapping up 12 seasons with “The Big Bang Theory,” with a new production deal and a pivot from comedy to drama. Cuoco, 33, has signed an exclusive, multi-year deal with Warner Bros. Television Group, the company said Monday. The agreement keeps Cuoco in business with the studio that pro- duced “The Big Bang Theory,” the CBS comedy in which Cuoco played Penny. It ended its hit run in May. Financial terms of the deal were not announced. Her first announced project is the hour-long series “The Flight Attendant,” a thriller based on the novel of the same name by Chris Bohjalian. It will be made for the WarnerMedia streaming service set to launch for consumers in early 2020. Cuoco takes a dramatic turn after ‘Big Bang Theory’