Bravo | November 14, 2019

Call Today for a Free Screen! 308-698-2820 Maintaining balance is essential for carrying out activities of daily living such as washing, dressing, getting in and out of the car and walking up stairs. Not only might a balance problem affect your ability to carry out these and other tasks, it also puts you at an increased risk for falls. Our staff is committed to provide quality, effective balance retraining programs designed for the prevention of falls and improvements in balance, mobility and coordination. Balance/Mobility Clinic: 615 W. 39th St., Suite A Kearney, NE • 308.698.2820 Specific exercises tailored to your needs to keep you mobile in your own home. Satellite Clinics: Lexington, Minden, Franklin, Ravenna, Wood River, Gretna and Norfolk BALANCE & MOBILITY VISIT OUR CENTER TOPICS BROUGHT TO YOU BY LOCAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS INCLUDE: • FLU VACCINE • DENTAL IMPLANTS • MAMMOGRAM • MEDICARE • KNEE REPLACEMENT • WISDOM TEETH • FOOT PAIN • HIP REPLACEMENT • IMPORTANCE OF KEEPING YOUR TEETH • FACIAL COSMETICS • DIGESTION FOOD ISSUES • CHIROPRACTIC • PLASTIC SURGERY • ORTHODONTIST • FACIAL TRAUMA • SIGN & SYMPTOMS OF A STROKE TO WATCH VIDEOS VISIT: KEARNEYHUB.COM/HEALTHHUB revea L CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS PERFECTEDPUDDING ROLLINGTHROUGH WINTER winter 2019 • Christmas Traditions • Perfecting Pudding • Rolling throughWinter • Eat, Drink, & Be Merry • Holiday Gift Ideas • Shop Smart, Shop Local Watch for The Magic of Christmas included in the Reveal Magazine. Published Saturday, November 16th in the Kearney Hub.