Focus 2018: Living and Learning

FOCUS Friday, Feb. 23, 2018 Living & Learning Kearney Quest Center students learn self-discipline to achieve self-confidence BUILDING UP SELF, PAGE 4 Inside Students become business owners at UNK. Page 3 CCC helps vets get back to school. Page 10 Hellman Main Coslor & Kathol accounting firm moves to a substantially bigger site. Page 6 By AMANDA PUSH Hub Staff Writer KEARNEY — It’s not unusual to hear the shrill cries of people yelling “Stop it!” or “Get away from me!” from the downtown studio sandwiched between Kearney’s Joseph’s College and White’s Advanced Hearing Center. These calls are the kinds of strategies Rick Hansen, owner and senior instruc- tor, teaches his martial arts students at Kearney Quest Center located at 2211 Central Ave. “Structurally, we really look at first and foremost, self-discipline,” Hansen said. “We teach them that discipline really is about knowing what you want and doing whatever it takes to get it.” Hansen and the other instructors at the studio offer To-Shin Do, a form of self-defense founded by Black Belt Hall of Fame instructor Stephen K. Hayes and who Hansen trained under. The techniques are based on Japanese martial arts with a focus on strategy, Hansen said. When students first start, they begin with a white/yellow belt series where they learn to hold their ground if they’re ever cornered and how to use their space. From there, they advance to the blue/red belt series, then green/brown and then black where they learn more advanced techniques. Classes are broken up according to age and both adults and youths are welcome to sign up. “I think the most important thing is the self-confidence they get from it. If you believe in yourself, success creates success,” Hansen said. “Every time they Jeff Damron, Kearney Hub TRAYTON WALKER TRAINS at the Kearney Quest Center located at 2211 Central Ave. The school, which has been open for nearly 15 years, moved to Central Avenue last fall. TRAYTON WALKER AND Mason Soto practice knocking each other off-balance at Kearney Quest Center. Students at the school learn defensive strategies. Building self up INSTRUCTOR DALE SPIEHS high fives young students as they warm up for class. MASON SOTO practices rolling on the mats at the downtown center. INSTRUCTOR CHRISTOPHER FALES, left, demonstrates a move to Calin Graves. “We teach them that discipline really is about knowing what you want and doing whatever it takes to get it.” Rick Hansen, owner and senior instructor of Kearney Quest Center LESLIE GRACIA works on her kicks with Mason Soto.