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As you drive the road, imagine a time gone by,
when brick streets, diners, filling stations and
roadside cabins were regular stops in your family
automobile. Many of these sites are still visible
along the Nebraska Scenic & Historic Byway.
Welcome to the Lincoln Highway Scenic &
Historic Byway, celebrating the history of the
Nebraska Lincoln Highway.
From the beautiful landscape of western Nebraska
to the cityscape of eastern Nebraska, enjoy our
nostalgic stops along the Lincoln Highway.
If you enjoy the history of early roads, fun and
exciting things to do along the way, this is your
Byway! Please use this guide to explore its historic
treasures. Enjoy your journey!
Lincoln Highway Scenic & Historic Byway
P.O. Box 607 • 1007 Second Avenue
Kearney, NE 68848
Nebraska’s Lincoln Highway History
The last stretch of Lincoln Highway in the United States to
be paved was in North Platte, Neb., in 1935. Before that, the
route across the state was anything from paved streets in
parts of Omaha to brick streets, gravel roads and dirt
paths elsewhere. The best roads at the time made up the
route, depending on the year and weather. Every
community in its path benefited from the route, and
tourist destinations sprung up across the state. From
Kimball in the west to Omaha and Blair in the east, road
travelers found unique attractions and accommodations.
The Lincoln Highway era, 1913-1950s, was the heyday of
flurry and activity on the Lincoln Highway (officially des-
ignated U.S. Highway 30 in 1928) before Interstate 80
took its place as the main thoroughfare through
Nebraska in 1962.
Nebraska’s Lincoln Highway
Scenic and Historic Byway
The Lincoln Highway Scenic & Historic Byway is one of nine
recognized byways in Nebraska.The Nebraska Byways Program,
Western Region
Central Region
Eastern Region
Rivers and Lakes
Lincoln Highway
Original Lincoln Highway (Paved)
Nebraska's Lincoln Highway Scenic & Historic Byway is the
only byway that traverses the entire state, a total of 451 miles.
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