Kearney Park & Recreation | Winter 2018-2019

1 GENERAL INFORMATION .\OH )ODKHUW\ &KDLUPDQ 6FRW )UDQVN 9LFH &KDLUPDQ Kathy English Lee Greenwald Nicole Mailahn Marta Moorman Kim Smith Kevin Witte The Kearney Park and Recreation Advisory Board meets on the third Thursday of each month, at 4:15pm, at the City Hall Council Chambers,18 E. 22nd Street. The public is encouraged to attend with their concerns and ideas. 234-INFO (234-4636) SELECTION # 4113 RECREATION PROGRAMS If weather appears threatening, every effort will be made to cancel the program at least one half hour before the scheduled starting time. In the case of evening athletic leagues, cancellations will generally not be announced until 3pm. If your athletic league, recreation or community service organization would like a 4-INFO line, please call Robyn Bowman at 233-3702. 2XU GHVLUH LV IRU \RXU UHFUHDWLRQDO H[SHULHQFHV WR EH WKH EHVW KRXUV RI \RXU GD\ $GXOWV ZRUN KDUG HDFK GD\ DQG NLGV JLYH LW WKHLU DOO LQ VFKRRO So when it is time for some fun, we want to put a smile on your face. Our programmers in the Recreation, Senior Center, and Golf Divisions work diligently to provide you with well-organized, vibrant, and creative programs. Our staff prides itself in being well-versed in a wide variety of UHFUHDWLRQDO RIIHULQJV UDQJLQJ IURP DUWV DQG FUDIWV WR VSRUWV WR VZLP OHVVRQV 2XU 3DUN 'LYLVLRQ DOVR ZDQWV \RXU RXWGRRU H[SHULHQFH WR EH WKH EHVW LW can be. We strive to have well-maintained parks and trails for your enjoyment. We also know that it is important to have a wide variety of amenities UDQJLQJ IURP GRJ SDUNV WR VSODVK SDGV WR ÁRZHU JDUGHQV DQG EDOOÀHOGV )UHH WLPH LV WKH EHVW WLPH DQG ZH DUH KHUH WR KHOS PARK & RECREATION DIRECTOR Scott Hayden we take your free time seriously KPR advisory REGISTRATION: 5HJLVWUDWLRQ ZLOO EH WDNHQ RQ D ÀUVW FRPH ÀUVW VHUYHG EDVLV 'RQ·W ZDLW WR UHJLVWHU EHFDXVH PDQ\ SURJUDPV UHDFK WKHLU PD[LPXP HQUROOPHQW TXLFNO\ Instructors are not permitted to accept registration at an DFWLYLW\ XQOHVV RWKHUZLVH VSHFLÀHG :KHQ DQ DFWLYLW\ GRHV not have a class number, preregistration is not necessary XQOHVV RWKHUZLVH VSHFLÀHG 0LQLPXP DQG PD[LPXP SURJUDP VL]HV KDYH EHHQ established. Programs not reaching minimum enrollment at least three days before the start will be cancelled. 3URJUDPV DUH OLPLWHG LQ VL]H IRU PD[LPXP SDUWLFLSDWLRQ and customer enjoyment. Waiting lists will be formed ZKHQ SURJUDPV DUH ÀOOHG (YHU\ DWWHPSW ZLOO EH PDGH WR accommodate people on the waiting list. The program IHH PXVW DFFRPSDQ\ DOO UHJLVWUDWLRQV $ FKDUJH ZLOO be assessed on all returned checks. REFUNDS: If you wish to withdraw from a program, please do so at least three days before the start of the class and you may choose from the following options: 1. Receive a credit slip for another KPR program. 2. Money back, less $5 processing fee. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: A 50% reduced fee for program registration is available for families with lower incomes. If you are currently eligible for public assistance and/or meet income guidelines, you may complete an application for this reduced fee. You will be required to show proof of income and a social service I.D. AGE REQUIREMENTS: 8QOHVV RWKHUZLVH VSHFLÀHG SDUWLFLSDQWV PXVW WXUQ WKH DJH VSHFLÀHG EHIRUH WKH VWDUW of the program. SPECIAL NEEDS: If you or your child has a special medical need (i.e. asthma, allergy, etc…), please notify WKH .35 2IÀFH ZKHQ UHJLVWHULQJ ,I \RX RU \RXU FKLOG KDV any other special needs that require accommodations in order to fully participate, then you must complete an ,QWDNH )RUP WZR ZHHNV SULRU WR WKH SURJUDP WKDW LV DYDLODEOH DW WKH .35 2IÀFH 7KH IRUP ZLOO EH UHYLHZHG and you will then be contacted, if necessary, so a plan can EH IRUPHG LQ RUGHU WR HQMR\ WKH SURJUDP WR LWV IXOO H[WHQW ONLINE REGISTRATION: You may register online at Once you are at the home screen please enter your User Name and Password. If you have registered for programs offered by KPR then you have a User ID and Password. Contact us if you cannot access your account. The user name and password were set up based on the Primary Member of the account. Your XVHUQDPH ZLOO EH WKH VW /HWWHU )LUVW 1DPH )LUVW /HWWHUV /DVW 1DPH /DVW 'LJLWV RI 3KRQH DQG \RXU SDVVZRUG LV \RXU 'LJLW =LS FRGH ([DPSOH ,I \RXU QDPH LV -RKQ 6PLWK ZLWK D SKRQH QXPEHU RI \RXU XVHU QDPH ZLOO EH -6PLW <RXU XVHU name is not case sensitive. If you are new to KPR the home screen will prompt you with directions to set up a new account. You may also view the entire website as a JXHVW 3OHDVH FRQWDFW RXU RIÀFH DW LI \RX KDYH questions. 2005 1st Ave. 32 %R[ walk-in mail-in phone-in online how to register board bad weather cancellations Look for the summer Activities Brochure in the Kearney Hub on friday, April 5, 2019!