Trends | June 29-30, 2019

RAVENNA — There is a lot of family wrapped up in Sara and Kent Urwiller’s new home east of Ravenna on Highway 2. The couple’s children — Tessa, 4, and Kayden, 1½ — fill the place with the sounds of play and exploration, and occasionally leave a few of their toys laying around. Other family touches are present in the furnish- ings, many of which either were created or handed down from the special people in the couple’s lives. For example, visitors can’t help but be struck by the distressed allure of a dining room table Sara’s dad built during many months of labor using lumber from the nearby St. Michael’s School. “I said I wanted a big table,” explained Sara, who grew up in the Minden area. A dresser and cedar chest also are family touches from Sara’s side. They were gifts from her grandpar- ents and are in the master bedroom. As for Kent’s side of the family, the 14 acres on which the home stands is Urwiller property. Kent is Kearney Hub Weekend June 29-30, 2019 Homey touches KENT AND Sara Urwiller have two children: Tessa, 4, and Kayden, 1½. WHEN SARA URWILLER mentioned to her father she wanted a large table for entertaining in her new home, he salvaged lumber from the nearby St. Michael’s School and, several months later, delivered this beautiful distressed table. CARRIAGE HOUSE garage doors, a distinctive roof line and welcoming front porch give the Sara and Kent Urwiller home a welcoming feel. Watch a video and view more photos of the house at www. SARA AND Kent Urwiller’s master bedroom is airy and bright. The master suite has a large bathroom with walk-in shower and closet. Urwillers’ love of family shows in home near Ravenna By Mike Konz Enterprise Editor Photos by Erika Pritchard CONTINUES ON PAGE 4C A LUXURIOUS component of the master suite is the walk-in shower.