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S omething S pecial Congratulations Scott & Kari and thank you for choosing us! Garages | Farm Storage | Equestrian | Commercial | Homes 308-832-1715 410 Platte Road • Kearney, NE Kearney Hub Weekend March 2-3, 2019 THERE’S A LOT of living and entertaining space in the Scott and Kari Willis home. The open-concept living room and kitchen can accommodate a large number of guests. Willis home south of Shelton is THERE’S NO short- age of visual interest with the exterior design of the Willis home. Multiple roof lines and stonework add classy touches and the L-shaped garage helps hide one of the doors. THE HUGE STAIRCASE is an architectural element in the Willis home, not just a conveyance to other levels. written by Mike Konz photos by Diana Dake A LUXURIOUS BATH is the focal point of the master bathroom. SCOTT AND KARI WILLIS of Shelton lead busy lives as farmers, business opera- tors and parents, and they packed a lot of the things they love into their new home by a lake. SHELTON — Slowing down doesn’t come natural- ly for Kari and Scott Willis. Their business of growing, harvesting and marketing seed corn near Shelton is more than a full-time job, and so is chasing three young daughters who are active in sports. And then there are Scott’s hobbies. He’s an avid out- doorsman and competitive angler. His fishing takes him around the state and nation and has rewarded him hand- somely on more than one occasion. “I have a passion for the outdoors, and especially fishing,” he said. So what kind of home does this family in perpetual motion occupy? The Willis home stands out among the luxurious houses at Bruner Lakeside Estates a few miles south of Shelton. At 5,000 square feet, with a sizable outbuild- ing sharing the 2.2-acre lot, it’s tough to miss. And, as visitors approach, they can tell from the architectur- al features that the Willis family was planning for something special when they accepted the plans from their architect and handed them to their builder, Scott’s brother Marc Willis, owner of Willis Construction in Kearney. The couple said that Marc encouraged and guided them in building their dis- tinctive home. Multiple features leap out as the eye surveys the expansive exterior and interior. Outside, classy wood arches add a crowning touch CONTINUES ON PAGE 3C “We’ve put a lot of time into this plan, thinking what we wanted. So far we love everything about it,” — Kari Willis