Trends | September 21- 22

Trends Kearney Hub Weekend September 21-22, 2019 AMY BIVONA opted for a wood vent hood to contrast the splashy white and chrome features in the kitchen. See more photos and watch a video at . A my Bivona loves the new home she shares with husband Jon Vandeventer, but before the love came heartbreak. The spring and fall couple — she’s 42 and he’s 62 — owned a 1910 home built on the same spot as their new home, but were forced to bulldoze the old place when they discovered it lacked a foundation. The decision came after Amy and Jon sank a sizable investment into refurbishing and redecorating the old place. However, they mutually arrived at the painful realiza- tion that owning a structure built on com- pacted soil, instead of a stone or concrete foundation, was inviting disaster. “Jon had the same struggle as I had. The other house had history, curb appeal and character,” Amy said. “Our backyard neighbor had grown up in the house. We had put so much into it, but do you throw good money after bad?” Earlier this month — standing near the oversize island that commands the gleaming written by Mike Konz photos by Erika Pritchard MULTIPLE ROOF LINES disguise the size of the nearly 4,000-square-foot home that Amy Bivona and Jon Vandeventer built in Kenesaw. Courtesy AMY BIVONA and Jon Vandeventer stand on the front porch steps of their new home in Kenesaw. Amy’s daughter, Lauryn, attends Kenesaw High School and lives with the couple. A STONE FIREPLACE mantle decorated with brightly colored pumpkins commands the living room. AMY BIVONA and Jon Vandeventer share a king- size bed beneath a handsome tray ceiling. Same spot, different home DAUGHTER LAURYN’S bed is perfectly framed in her dresser’s mirror. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4C