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of 3.0 in music and a minimum cu-
mulative grade point average of 2.5.
Adviser: Seth Fletcher
Phone: 865-8632
Epsilon Pi Tau:
Epsilon Pi Tau
is an international honor society
for academic excellence in the
technology professions.
Adviser: Kennard Larson
Phone: 865-8504
Gamma Theta Upsilon:
Theta Upsilon promotes geog-
raphy as an academic discipline.
Members are required to have
completed a minimum of 12 credit
hours in geography and hold an
overall grade point average of 3.0
or better.
Adviser: Jason Combs
Phone: 865-8605
Honors Student Advisory
Board Committee:
Members are
selected for their commitment to
the Honors Program and leader-
ship potential. The group orga-
nizes a yearly semi-formal dance,
spring barbecue and gatherings
specifically for honors students.
Adviser: Jane Christensen
Phone: 865-8172
Iota Iota Iota:
ages scholarship and excellence
in women’s and gender studies
at UNK. The group also seeks to
empower all students; to promote
awareness of gender-related
issues on campus and in the
community; foster activism and
advocacy; and dispel myths about
Adviser: Linda Van Ingen
Phone: 865-8772
Kappa Delta Pi:
Kappa Delta Pi
honors junior and senior education
majors who have a cumulative
grade point average of 3.5 or better.
Membership is by invitation only.
Adviser: Jane Strawhecker
Phone: 865-8958
Kappa Kappa Psi:
marching band honorary for men
features halftime performances
by the marching band at all home
football games. The band also
performs for at least one away
game and participates in a number
of fundraising and social activities.
Any student who enjoys playing an
instrument is encouraged to join.
Adviser: Duane Bierman
Phone: 865-8631
Kappa Mu Epsilon:
A math-
ematics honor society that stimu-
lates interest in mathematics and
an appreciation of mathematics.
Adviser: Katherine Kime
Phone: 865-8532
Lambda Pi Eta:
This student
organization recognizes, fosters
and honors outstanding scholastic
achievement in the field of com-
munication. The name Lambda
Pi Eta represents what Aristotle
described as the three modes
of persuasion: Logos meaning
logic, pathos relating to emotion,
and ethos, defined as character,
credibility and ethics.
Adviser: Aaron Dimock
Phone: 865-8486
Mortar Board:
The Xi Phi
chapter of Mortar Board is
a national honor society that
recognizes academic and social
merit among college seniors.
Mortar Board seeks to promote
leadership, scholarship, and
civic service among the college
Adviser: Amber Messersmith
Phone: 865-8966
Residence Hall
Recognizes students
demonstrating outstanding
service and leadership within the
residence hall system.
Delta Epsilon:
bership in Omicron Delta Epsilon
is an honor given to students
with exceptional achievements in
economics. Members must have
completed a minimum of 12 credit
hours in economics and maintain
an overall grade point average of
3.0 or better.
Adviser: Bree Dority
Phone: 865-8343
Order of Omega:
An organi-
zation of national merit standing
that recognizes students who
attain a high standard of leader-
ship in Greek activities. Members
must have been in residence
one full year at the institution, be
an upperclassman, and hold a
cumulative grade point average of
3.0 or better.
Adviser: Erin Christensen
Phone: 865-8057
Phi Alpha:
A national honor-
ary organization for social work
students. Membership is open to
social work majors of sophomore
standing or higher who have
an overall grade point average
between a 3.0 and 4.0, with a
3.25 GPA in required social work
Adviser: Jody VanLaningham
Phone: 865-8753
Phi Alpha Theta:
The National
Honor Society for history students
has been active at UNK since 1970.
To qualify for membership students
must have completed at least 12
hours of history coursework with
a 3.1 grade point average in those
classes and at least a 3.0 average in
two-thirds of all other course work.
Adviser: Roger Davis
Phone: 865-8771
Phi Beta Delta:
An interna-
tional scholar honor society with
three categories of members:
International students who have
demonstrated high scholastic
achievement at UNK; (undergrad-
uates with a minimum 3.2 grade
point average and graduates with
a minimum of 3.5.); domestic
students (including permanent
resident non-citizens) who have
demonstrated high scholastic
achievement in the pursuit of
academic studies abroad; (un-
dergraduates with a minimum 3.2
grade point average; graduates
minimum of 3.5 GPA); and dis-
tinguished foreign and domestic
faculty, staff and visiting scholars
involved in international endeavors
such as teaching, administering
exchange programs, conducting
research, or providing services
and programs to international
students and scholars.
Adviser: Corliss Sullwold
Phone: 865-8946
Phi Beta Lambda:
The colle-
giate division of Future Business
Leaders of America. Membership
in the business-driven organiza-
tion is open to all students with an
interest in business.
Adviser: Mary Rittenhouse
Phone: 865-8707
Phi Eta Sigma:
Phi Eta Sigma
honors freshmen who receive an
accumulative grade point average
of 3.5 or greater. The group
encourages academic excel-
lence among students, as well as
campus and community service,
through recognition and scholar-
ship awards.
Adviser: Robert Luscher
Phone: 865-8115
Phi Kappa Phi:
The primary
purposes of this organization are
to promote the pursuit of excel-
lence in all fields of higher educa-
tion; and to recognize outstanding
achievement by students, faculty
and others through election to
membership and various awards
for distinguished achievement.
Adviser: Ron Wirtz
Phone: 865-8592
Psi Chi:
The National Honor
Society in psychology seeks to
encourage, stimulate and maintain
excellence in advancing the sci-
ence of psychology.
Adviser: Krista Fritson
Phone: 865-8247
Sigma Tau Delta:
The Na-
tional Honor Society for English
students aims to promote writing
and literature, and publishes the
student journal, The Carillon.
Membership is open — regardless
of major — to any student who has
completed six hours of English be-
yond the freshman level, has main-
tained a 3.0 or better grade point
average in English courses and is
in the top third of their class.
Adviser: Susan Honeyman
Phone: 865-8563
is an honorary
organization recognizing out-
standing sophomores who hold a
cumulative grade point average of
3.0 or greater. SPURS’ purpose is
to provide college and community
Adviser: Stephen Glazier
Phone: 865-8760
Tau Beta Sigma:
A nationally
recognized service sorority for
the band. Members help plan and
organize the annual Band Banquet
and help with the UNK Honors
Band and Choral Clinic. Anyone
who is interested in music and
participating in band may join.
Adviser: Duane Bierman
Phone: 865-8618
International and Multicultural
Ambassadors of Internation-
al Study and Internship
African Student Association:
The African Students Association
promotes the African cultures and
eliminates stereotypes by bringing
more awareness through confer-
ences, presentations, movies and
African festivals.
Adviser: Monica Mueller
Phone: 865-8127
Asian American Student
AASA aims to pro-
mote awareness of Asian Ameri-
can culture and to have events to
celebrate Asian American heritage.
Some events held by AASA
include: movie nights, a Chinese
New Year celebration and an annu-
al festival, the Asian Extravaganza.
Adviser: Juan Guzman
Phone: 865-8127
Black S
udent Association:
BSA is a non-profit organization,
based at UNK campus. Our goal
is to embrace and educate the
student body on black culture.
Monica Mueller
Phone: 865-8127
Chinese Students and
Scholars Association:
an organization that aims to serve
Chinese students on campus and
share the Chinese culture with
their peers. Membership is open
only to Chinese students, but
other students are welcome to be
Adviser: Gui-Jie Zhang
Phone: 865-8836
Hispanic Student Associa-
The association’s main goal
is to promote Hispanic cultural
awareness. Has regularly puts on
campus events such as holi-
day celebrations, movie nights,
multicultural panels, dances and
other social events. Also provides
academic support to students and
aims to provide them with a home
away from home.
Adviser: Juan Guzman
Phone: 865-8127
International Student Associ-
ISA encourages international
student participation in social, cul-
tural and academic programs and
activities. The organization also has
an annual international food festival,
which draws upwards of 3,000
people to campus. Membership in
ISA is open to all UNK students,
faculty, and staff.
Adviser: Juan Guzman
Phone: 865-8127
Japanese Association at Ke-
The goal of JAK is to share
the culture of Japan with those
from the U.S. and other countries.
The members of JAK believe that
learning about cultural differences
leads to better understanding
among students and the communi-
ty and enriches lives.
Adviser: Jayne Heimer
Phone: 865-8835
Korean Student Association
Nepalese Student Associ-
ation at Kearney:
NESAK aims
to enrich the college lives of UNK
students from Nepal and to share
Nepal’s history and heritage with
UNK and the community.
Satoshi Machida
Phone: 865-1555
Sister to Sister:
An advocacy
group for women’s issues. Sister
to Sister was created to meet ed-
ucational, social and programming
needs of minority students.
Student Kouncil of Intertrib-
al Nations:
S.K.I.N.S. is a stu-
dent-run organization dedicated to
enriching the campus by exposing
it to aspects of Native American
culture. S.K.I.N.S. has been host
to a number of events, including
movie nights, an Indian taco feed,
and brings various speakers to
campus to speak about Native
American history and culture.
Adviser: Juan Guzman
Phone: 865-8127
Young Arab Leaders Associa-
Young Arab Leaders Associa-
tion is an organization that promotes
education and culture exchange in
all matters related to Arabs among
the student body, faculty and staff
of UNK and in the community. Our
mission is to enhance the social,
cultural and academic background
of Arabic students and people
while at UNK. YALA stems from the
Office of Multicultural Affairs.
Adviser: Juan Guzman
Phone: 865-8127
Musical Groups
International Trombone
International Tuba Eupho-
nium Association:
A worldwide
organization of musicians whose
purpose it is to maintain a liaison
among those who take a signif-
icant interest in the instruments
of the tuba and euphonium family
and their development, literature,
pedagogy and performance.
Adviser: Seth Fletcher
Phone: 865-8632
Antelope Newspaper:
student newspaper is published
weekly during the fall and spring
semesters. The Antelope is written
and edited by students under the
direction of a journalism faculty
member. Staff positions are avail-
able to students on a paid basis or
for academic credit.
Adviser: Tereca Diffenderfer
Phone: 865-8269
The Carillon:
An undergradu-
ate publication jointly sponsored
by Sigma Tau Delta, the National
English Honor Society, and by Phi
Eta Sigma, the National Fresh-
man Scholastic Honor Society.
The purpose of this journal is to
encourage quality undergraduate
writing. All students are encour-
aged to submit manuscripts.
Adviser: Susan Honeyman
Phone: 865-8563
Student Government Organizations
Student Government of the
Associated Students:
after the federal government,
student government also has
three branches: the Senate, the
Executive, and the Judiciary.
Elections for the senate and for
the presidency are every spring.
Elections for freshman senators
are in the fall.
Adviser: Tim Danube
Phone: 865-8523
Adviser: Sharon Pelc
Phone: 865-8523
Inter-Fraternity Council:
Membership of the Inter-Fraternity
Council is composed of elected
representatives from each active
fraternity chapter. IFC acts as the
governing body for fraternities
by fostering communication and
coordinating efforts among them.
IFC facilitates semester rush and
many other campus and communi-
ty activities.
Adviser: Erin Christensen
Phone: 865-8057
Panhellenic Council:
lenic acts as the governing body
for the national sororities at UNK.
Membership is composed of three
delegates selected from each UNK
sorority to serve on the Panhellenic
Council. The Panhellenic Council
also implements rush and encour-
ages scholastic achievement and
philanthropic involvement.
Adviser: Erin Christensen
Phone: 865-8057
Residence Hall Association:
RHA is the governing body for all
of the residence halls on campus.
Members plan and hold events,
and work to resolve problems for
Resident Advisory Council
Adviser: Gail Sims-Aubert
Phone: 865-8660
Non-Recognized Student
Involvement Opportunities
Adviser: David Bauer
Phone: 865-8609
Men’s Chorus:
Open to all
UNK men. No auditions.
Adviser: David Bauer
Phone: 865-8609
Music Theatre:
Works to be
performed are selected from the
range of music dramatic repertoire
and are determined by the interest
and availability of singers, instru-
mentalists, actors and dancers.
Adviser: Anne Foradori
Phone: 865-8610
The 14-voice
show choir for UNK. The Nebrask-
cats are selected by competitive
auditions each spring.
Adviser: Andrew White
Phone: 865-8610
University Vocal Collegium:
The choir specializes in choral
chamber repertoire of all eras.
Adviser: David Bauer
Phone: 865-8609
Women’s Chorus:
This con-
cert choir presents two major con-
certs per semester. Any interested
female student may join. There are
no auditions.
Adviser: David Bauer
Phone: 865-8609
Jazz-Rock Ensemble:
ticipation provides an opportunity
to gain understanding of and
appreciation for big band, jazz,
rock and improvisational styles.
The ensemble plays concerts
and participates in an annual tour
through Nebraska. Members must
show proficiency in playing the
trumpet, trombone, saxophone,
piano, guitar, bass or drums.
Kearney Area Symphony
The orchestra pro-
vides an opportunity for all area
string players and selected wind,
brass and percussion players to
perform. The orchestra, in addition
to its concerts, collaborates with
other performance groups to pres-
ent operas, musicals, oratorios
and large choral works.
Adviser: Deborah Freedman
Phone: 865-8631
Marching Band:
The Pride
of the Plains Marching Band
performs at home football games
and parades and takes one trip to
an away football game each fall.
After football season the band
rehearses concert band music.
Open to winds, percussion and
color guard.
Adviser: Duane Bierman
Phone: 865-8607
Pep Band:
The band is one
of the most visible organizations
on campus. The group forms in
November to play for home bas-
ketball games and travels to either
the conference tournament or
men’s/women’s regional tourna-
ment annually.
Symphonic Band
Wind Ensemble
The UNK radio
station allows students the
opportunity to reach an audience
and refine their broadcast skills.
Students can participate via the
radio workshop class.
Adviser: Elle Scholwin
Phone: 865-8737
Undergraduate Research
All students are welcome
in this group. Funding for indepen-
dent projects is competitive.
Adviser: John Falconer
Phone: 865-8894
UNK Spirit Squad (Cheer &
Political Organizations
College Re
UNK College Republicans work
to promote the principles of the
Republican Party among members
of the UNK campus and com-
munity; to aid in the election of
Republican candidates at all levels
of government; to encourage and
assist in the organization and ac-
tive functioning of the Republican
Party at local, state and national
levels; and to develop political
skills and leadership abilities
among Republican students as
preparation for future service by
them to the Party and community.
Adviser: Frank Kovacs
Phone: 865-8384
Young Democrats:
This is a
group for Democrats and those
with a general interest in politics
on local, state, federal and interna-
tional levels.
Adviser: Roger Davis
Phone: 865-8771
Service Organizations
Amnesty Int
nesty International is the world’s
oldest and largest grassroots
human rights organization. The
UNK chapter works to publicize
human rights abuses and take
peaceful action to raise social
awareness about human rights
abuses occurring internationally
and national. Our goal is to em-
power our community so they can
be agents for change on a national
and global scale.
Adviser: Carol Lilly
Phone: 865-8757
Campus Kitchen:
Kitchen is an organization com-
posed of volunteer students. Any-
one is welcome to join or pitch in
as available. The goal of Campus
Kitchen is to feed members of the
Kearney community in need.
Adviser: Jon Watts
Phone: 865-8448
Chancellor’s Student Am-
Selection of Ambas-
sadors is based on availability and
willingness to serve, knowledge of
the university, leadership, campus
involvement; academic back-
ground; poise; and interpersonal
and communication skills. The
Ambassador Board will consider
the overall membership of the
group to obtain the best represen-
tation of the student body.
Adviser: Sharon Pelc
Phone: 865-8523
Circle K
Adviser: Heather Wolf
Phone: 865-8398
Collegians for Integration
and Accessibility:
for Integration and Accessibility
promotes campus and program
accessibility for students with
disabilities at the University of
Nebraska at Kearney, encourages
the integration of all collegians, and
works to meet the needs of individ-
ual students with disabilities. CIA
is open to all interested students.
Adviser: David Brandt
Phone: 865-8798
International Justice Mission
Peer Health Education:
Much like the name suggests
Peer Health Education works to
educate students, staff and faculty
on how to live healthy lives.
Adviser: Ismael Torres
Phone: 865-8092
Social Justice League:
Social Justice League is an or-
ganization that strives to educate
others about the current social
and political issues that affect so-
ciety. The issues can range from
gay rights to the war on drugs, no
issues are off limits.
Adviser: Peter Longo
Phone: 865-8039
UNK Habitat for Humanity:
UNK Habitat group partners with
the local Kearney Area Habitat
for Humanity to work on various
service projects including house
and shed building. No building ex-
perience is required to volunteer.
Adviser: Daren Snider
Phone: 865-8521
UNK Rotoract:
A Rotary club
designed for college students that
works closely with the commu-
nity on events and international
services. Rotoract has a strong
international reputation and each
member works to “Build a better
tomorrow.” UNK Rotoract wel-
comes any student who wants to
Gynecological Surgery
Menstrual Disorders
Menopausal Problems
Laser Surgery
Health Care Center
Contemporary Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C.
• John H. Schulte, M.D. F.A.C.O.G.
• Keri H. Philpot, M.D. F.A.C.O.G.
• David H. Weir, M.D. F.A.C.O.G.
• Amie Jorgensen, M.D. F.A.C.O.G.
• Beth Johnson, APRN
Our Doctors
101 West 24th, Tower Oaks Bldg. • Kearney 68847
• 308-865-2740 or 800-559-4911
Contemporary Obstetrics
and Gynecology, P.C.
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