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KEARNEY — Connor
Schulte, student body president
at the Univer-
sity of Nebras-
ka at Kearney,
has big plans
for this year.
wants more
water-refilling stations where
students can fill
water bottles, she wants more
recycling bins around cam-
pus, and she wants to help the
Special Olympics by col-
lecting and donating lightly
used sporting
Although she
has clear goals
in mind, she
says that she
is still learning
her responsibilities as presi-
“It’s a lot of collaboration
and planning with the admin-
istration and making sure
everyone is on board,” Schul-
te said. “A big part of it is
being a member of the Board
of Regents for the University
of Nebraska. That takes a lot
of time and responsi-
bility to go to those meetings
in Lincoln.”
Schulte — who was
inaugurated in April —
may still be learning
on the fly, but she’s
no stranger to student
government. She started
participating her fresh-
man year.
“I got involved right
away in student gov-
ernment,” she said.
Schulte spent two
years as chair for the
Facilities and Cam-
pus Development
Committee, time she
says allowed her to
better understand
how the campus
works and her role
in student govern-
“It kind of gave
me a taste of the
amount of work
that I would have
to do and the
connections that
I would have to
make,” she said.
In addition
to working
with Facilities
Director Lee
Schulte also
worked with
the Residence
Hall Asso-
ciation on
issues and
with Police
and Parking
to pro-
vide more
spaces for
With that
her belt,
a run for
student body
president; it was always kind
of in the back of my mind,” she
After some encouragement
from her peers,
Schulte decided
to run.
Now that she
is president,
Schulte’s plans
are beginning to
come together.
In June and
July, 12 water-re-
filling stations
were installed on
campus. Schulte
explained that
this should reduce the number
of plastic water bottles used on
campus by encour-
aging students
to carry reusable
water bottles.
This fall, Schul-
te plans to imple-
ment another one
of her goals: Play
it Forward, a drive
to collect sporting
equipment for
donation to the
Special Olympics.
Schulte hopes to
collect equipment
at a Loper football
game in the fall.
Schulte listed
other possible
goals, such as cre-
ating a bike share
program, creating
a 24-hour study
space on campus and having
open forums so students can
meet with their representatives
in student
“We’re sup-
posed to repre-
sent this body
of people, but
we don’t really
have a forum
to speak with
them and to get
their opinions,”
she said.
Schulte also
said that she
wants to be a role model for
other students and get them
involved on
“Get involved
as much as you
can. Not just
with one thing,
but everything,”
Schulte said.
“That is where
you are going
to find your
passions in
life and make
connections for
your future.”
Schulte’s vice
president is
Hayden McKel-
vey of Kearney.
They are long-
time friends.
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Schulte already leading
UNK student body
One goal of installing water-refilling stations on campus realized; others
include a bike-share program, 24-hour study space, open forum
Best Years
Organizational and
relational communication
August 19, 2014
Welcome to UNK
Connor Schulte
UNK Student Body President
Hello. My name is Connor Schulte. As the 2014-2015 student body president and student regent, I
want to give a big welcome on behalf of everyone here at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.
Whether you are a brand new Loper, a returning student or apart of the faculty or staff — wel-
come back to campus. It’s that time of year again: The fountain is running, the skies are blue, and
we are all itching for the new semester to begin. There are several new and exciting things awaiting
us as we return this fall, including the unveiling of the new Wellness Center, campus-wide sustain-
ability initiatives and, of course, the much-anticipated events during Blue and Gold Welcome Week
and Homecoming.
We all make up one big family here at UNK, and I can’t wait for everyone to arrive so we can cele-
brate our reunion and kick off the start to a new school year with the Blue and Gold Showcase.
For those of you beginning your first semester here at UNK, I challenge you to do five things in
your first few weeks:
1. Talk to strangers.
Wait, what? I know Mom and Dad have told you your whole life NOT to do this, but I’m telling
you, it’s time to break free from this stigma. When you go to class, eat in the union, and use the
elevator in your dorm you will be surrounded with strangers. I encourage you to not be the person
to sit awkwardly in silence before class starts but to engage in conversation with the person next
to you. Intentionally seek out new opportunities to meet someone as often as possible. Don’t be
afraid of sounding awkward or being creepy, just go for it and introduce yourself. You may just
make a new friend or two.
2. Get the worm.
Don’t literally pick up worms from the ground. As it has been said, the early bird gets the worm.
Be active, and prepare for your first few days of classes. I encourage you to go around campus and
find all of your classrooms the day before classes start. Some buildings can be confusing to navigate,
and this way you will not get lost or be late on your first day of class. Attending the Campus Class
Roam from 1-3 p.m. Sunday makes it even easier to find all your classrooms because a current
student will show you where they are.
3. Be memorable.
Introduce yourself to your teacher after class within the first week. Make it a point to show them
that you are interested in what they have to say. It is vastly important to be able to create rela-
tionships with your professors in a short amount of time because sooner than you think, you’ll be
needing letters of recommendation for organizations, internships and job opportunities.
4. Un-clutter your life.
This is simple, yet somehow the most difficult to follow. Stay organized. Keep a planner or a to-do
list to stay on top of your assignments and due dates. Don’t ever let yourself forget to study for a
quiz or miss an assignment. Set your alarm. Try to maintain a steady sleep schedule to avoid sleep-
ing in too late or falling asleep during class. Also, be sure to keep your class syllabi until the end of
the semester. It can come in handy during finals week.
5. Say “yes.”
Your first few weeks here, you will learn about tons of great opportunities to get involved on
campus. I encourage you to say “yes” to as many as these opportunities as possible and to fully im-
merse yourself in UNK campus life. Check out all the organizations at the Blue and Gold Showcase
and join one or even several. The benefits of becoming involved are endless: You are able to foster
stronger relationships and engage in activities that will help you grow as an individual, a student and
a leader.
If you follow these five tips, you will be sure to make the most out of your time as a UNK Loper.
Now, get ready to “throw up your Lopes” – It’s going to be an incredible year.
Connor Schulte
Student body president/student regent
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kearney Hub file
is serving as the UNK Student Body Presi-
dent this year.
It kind of
gave me a
taste of the amount
of work that I would
have to do and the
connections that I
would have to make.”
Connor Schulte
I got i
nvolved right away
in student government.”
Connor Schulte
Get involved
as much as you
can. Not just with
one thing, but
everything. That
is where you are
going to find your
passions in life
and make con-
nections for your
Connor Schulte
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