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Kearney Hub Saturday, Sunday, Aug. 4-5, 2018 Narber muscles through arthritis By ANDREW HANSON Hub Intern KEARNEY — McClain Narber has complet- ed multiple half-marathons. She’s participated in campus intramurals and is heavily involved in several student organiza- tions and activities at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, As Narber hustles from meeting to meeting, one wouldn’t know that she suffers from rheu- matoid arthritis. It happened in middle school, toward the end of seventh grade. One of Narber’s fingers started to swell. She didn’t think much of it, attributing it to a jammed finger from basketball season. But then came detasseling in the summer and the symptoms magnified. “I would wake up in the morning, and I couldn’t even put my hair in a ponytail,” Narber said. “I couldn’t put my socks on or do anything like that.” When she was 13 years old, Narber received the diagnosis — rheumatoid arthritis, something usually reserved for those in their 40s or 50s and older. Doctors couldn’t determine the exact cause for her affliction, but suspected it could be attributed to genetics, she said. Her aunt also has the disease. At first, Narber felt embarrassed. “I was a 13-year-old kid telling her friends that she had arthritis. I thought that was something for older McClain Narber, courtesy McClain Narber started running half mara- thons last fall. She completed her second one in May and is planning to run a third in Au- gust. She first got into running as a kid when her dad, Conn, left, would take her and her siblings to kids’ runs at the 5Ks he ran in. Support from family, friends helps athletic senior thrive NARBER MUSCLES THROUGH , page 4 “I was a 13-year-old kid telling her friends that she had arthritis. I thought that was something for older people.” McCLAIN NARBER Cris Collado, courtesy Austin Jacobsen visited the Parthenon at the Acropolis in Athens the final day of the Tragos Quest trip to Greece. Learning Greek life by living it Kyle Sutton, courtesy Jacobsen, Tragos Quest mentor Brian Teclinger and Pearson Van Horn, a stu- dent from Georgia Tech, pose near the Amalia Hotel in Delphi. Cris Collado, courtesy Jacobsen journals outside the Hosios Loukas Monastery in Distomo, Greece. By TIFFANY STOIBER Hub Staff Writer KEARNEY —When Austin Jacob- sen considered joining a fraternity, he did it so he would “always have someone to hang out with.” But, as was reaffirmed by traveling to the land where Greek life began, being a part of a fraternity is more than just parties and friends. “I’ve always felt that our fraternity (Sigma Phi Epsilon), especially, is just more than what everyone considers us to be, like a drinking club or just guys that hang out and pay to hang out with each other, essentially,” Jacobsen said. “But I’ve always considered us deeper than that.” Last school year, Jacobsen applied for SigEp’s national “Tragos Quest to Greece” program, where a dozen fraternity members explore Greek culture and the origins of their fraternity’s values. The junior didn’t think he’d make it — at first. The application itself was “not easy at all,” he said, and it required several deep-thinking questions about his per- sonal philosophies of what it meant to be a member of SigEp. Though he had been heavily involved in the fraternity that year, as the vice president of program- ming, Jacobsen believed the odds of being chosen were not in his favor. He learned more than 300 applicants from across the United States were trying to get in that year. Even when he was chosen as one of the 52 finalists, he still didn’t have high hopes. But when Jacobsen heard it announced at a regional SigEp event that he was chosen as a scholar, he said it felt “like divine intervention” and he couldn’t help but let a huge smile spread across his face. Though he had learned a lot about TRIP TO GREECE , page 4 Trip to Greece teaches Jacobsen the values of SigEp fraternity 2018 HUB UNK THE FIRST OF 4 FEATURE SECTIONS HIGHLIGHTING THE UNIVERSITYOF NEBRASKA AT KEARNEY BEST YEARS inside You snooze, you win, especially when it comes to college slumber. page 11